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In case we haven’t met,

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I am an intuitive business mentor who loves helping women slay their fears and make quantum leaps into their dream reality.

I’ve facilitated rapid transformation for 15+ years.

Women decide to join my programs often during transitions - in those moments after waking up to the fact that there is so much more available for them and they are done settling for any less.

They are ready to say goodbye to the version of themselves that has gotten them to where they are because they know that it won’t be able to take them to their next level of success.

In my programs they find the resources to let go of their old limiting selves and rise into an empowered, next level version of themselves.

And from that place, they are able to create better results.

After 2800+ client contact hours I have developed a strong sense of what makes people shift fast.

And for the first time ever I have now put all the tools together into a single course called The High Vibe Academy.

This is for you if you want a complete change of reality through a change of mind, body and spirit.


For the catalyst ready to create even more impactful work.

For the entrepreneur ready to go after bigger, more exciting goals.

For the woman who knows that for her external circumstances to change she first needs to make massive shifts in her internal world. That it doesn’t work the other way around.

It’s for the women ready to raise her standards and expect more of herself.

No more playing small,

no more being a martyr and sacrificing your true desires,

and the big vision you have for your life.

This course was designed to change you on a cellular level.

To prepare you for a shift.

Every training will challenge you to make important inner and outer changes.

You will be looking at parts of you that have been holding you back and create a new vision of what you want your life to look like.

NOW is when your journey truly begins.

Now is when you start reaching for the stars, fully trusting that everything you’ve done so far has brought you to this point and that where you are now is actually the best springboard for your next chapter,

the chapter where you finally become the woman you were meant to be.







and fully aware of her Power.

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Drop the mediocrity

Raise your standards

Create more wealth

Release your irrational fears

Shift your limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you

Increase your confidence

Learn to live in a state of flow

Reprogram your mind

Create new beliefs

Become an energetic match for your desires

Manifest consistently.

Use mindset + energy to become a magnet to your desires

Then this course might be for you.

This program will resonate with you if you already deeply believe that you are an active creator of your life - and you’re ready to see more consistent growth.

You’re ready to up your manifesting game and cultivate your relationship with God/Universe on a deeper level than ever before and you feel called to commit to your mindset and energetic practice on a whole new level.

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During the next 6 weeks you will learn:

  • How to fold time and space reality and begin to see “unrealistic” results.

  • How to get clear on what an upgrade looks like to you at this moment in your life.

  • How to bring yourself closer to higher standards energetically.

  • How to start reprogramming your body and mind to support your transformation.

  • How to find your subconscious limiting beliefs.

  • How to clear old beliefs to help you expect change and quantum leaps.

  • How to change your beliefs and expectations around money.

  • How to connect with the energy of money and raise your vibration to become a match to it.

  • How to get back in touch with your power if you’ve temporarily lost the connection to your gifts.

  • How to become a vibrational match to your dream client.

  • Energetically recalibrate what selling means to you.

  • How to invoke your cosmic sister clients ( the ones waiting to learn from you!) energetically.

  • The reasons why your desires are not manifesting themselves (why you're not seeing the clients, the money, the opportunities and invitations.)

  • What to do when you’re losing faith that what you desire will show up in your physical reality.

  • The recipe to quantum leap your life again and again.

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The High Vibe Academy includes:

6 training modules + bonuses
A private sisterhood
 Lifetime access to all content

All content will live in an exclusive members' only site which you have access to for life.
You can dig into the content at your own pace — it isn’t going anywhere.

In the member’s area you get instant access to the pre-work bonus training “The 3-Step Process to Quantum Leap” + modules 1-3!

And you get immediate access to the private facebook group.

The High Vibe Academy is currently running live on week 3 and the participants are already experiencing big shifts.

I am available in there throughout the month of April + the first week of May 2019 and I am answering your Qs on weekly live Q&A zoom sessions every Friday at 1pm CET.

Are you ready to become the woman you KNOW you can be?

For any questions, please email

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