A 1:1 session for independents & artists.

What would you do differently if you knew exactly HOW to earn your next 10.000€?

If you knew what to focus on, what to let go of and what to do?

How would you wake up in the morning?

What would you spend your day doing?

How would you feel?

It's my greatest mission to help you succeed at doing the work that you came here to do.

I've been doing so much work on myself in the past 6 months that I now truly and deeply believe that money is the physical manifestation of God/Universe/Source.

My resistance around talking about money as a divine compensation for the healing work we do in the world openly is now practically gone,

(and I can hear my angels sing hallelujah, about TIME Kristel, this is what you came here to teach!)

I now know that telling you that I can show you the way to your next levels of abundance is safe.

That it is safe for me to own my gift.

To own my psychic and intuitive ability to see where your potential lies.

To show you the money (= show you what your divine support system want you to do).

I can't explain how I know.

I don't personally need to know how I know (my clients don't need to know either, they show up with faith and it's enough for them to experience the shifts).

So yeah,

I can point you to the money.

I can help you focus your energy in the right decisions with confidence, certainty, positive expectation and excitement knowing that you're on the right path.

And I have 2 spots open next week for "Show me the Way to 10K."

During this session I will download psychic messages (ideas, sales strategies, marketing strategies etc) for 60 minutes + you will receive a recording of our audio zoom call.

We will end our session with a healing to activate your abundance.

Here's what I will be able to tune into during our session:

- The greatest gift you have to offer the client you are cosmically linked to and destined to work with,

- How you can serve her best and what to include/not include in your next offer,

- The low-hanging fruits you are ignoring at the moment (perhaps because of a belief that business has to feel hard and be challenging),

- What is blocking you on an energetic level from receiving the divine downloads yourself or from moving forward on them

(it might be because of a past/past life experience that your subconscious mind is making connections to in order to protect you. I will detect it and we will clear and transmute it right then and there),

- Clear any beliefs around having to save the 10.000$ you make out of fear that it is a one-time thing or a lucky strike so that you can actually enjoy the money, spend it on things you want NOW and be in the frequency of making another 10k when you decide and desire to do so,

- Your best sales strategy and,

- Your best marketing strategy (both of which you will commit to following for 30 days if they resonate with you 100% - which in my experience they most likely will. Otherwise I will keep tuning in until I share a strategy that you are excited about and willing to follow.)

VIP option: "Show me the Way to 10K session" + 30 days of unlimited Voxer support for strategy tweaks, guidance on your decisions, channelings and psychic downloads.

Only 2 spots. These will go fast, all of my divinely downloaded offers do and that is one of those. :)

This is *not* a coaching call. I will do most of the talking and share with you everything you need to know to experience your next win.

Pm me for details.

What would you do differently if you knew what to focus on to rise to your next level of abundance?

How would you wake up in the morning?

What would you spend your day doing?

How would you feel?

I can tell you from personal experience that knowing what to focus on to create the money I want has given me a whole new experience of what it can look like to run a business.

It looks like certainty.

It looks like freedom.

It looks like new levels of abundance and fulfilment.

It looks like trust.

It looks like peace of mind.

It looks like giving to people I feel called to support.

It looks like room for inspiration, creativity and down time.

Let's co-create magic together.

Allow me to help you rise.

Pm me for details.

Kristel XOXO

PS: How MAGICAL is this place that the Universe recently led me to? Those aren't my pics, but a local (very cute guy) offered to show me the city by car yesterday and I don't think I've said WOW as many times in one day as I did yesterday.

(I have the worst photographic timing so I will keep the pics I took yesterday to myself. You're welcome.)

But every road, every detail, of every house, every panoramic view was MAGICAL.

I've never felt the frequency of MAGIC to this degree.

I'm SO excited to be here right now.