Who you surround yourself with is who you become. Who do you want to be?


* You have BIG dreams but the big picture leaves you paralysed instead of excited. 

* You get overwhelmed by the 100 directions and steps you could take every day to gain the right exposure and make more money.

* Not having a boss to tell you what to do is both a curse and a blessing. You can structure your days and be flexible but at the same time, you have trouble focusing on the right thing that will catapult you forward and give you the momentum that you are lacking right now.

Are you ready to move forward on that goal you've been putting off? (you one which one I'm talking about)

You might be ready to host your first workshop, aim for a bigger client, launch your website, finally show your creative talent to the world or finish writing that book.

You have a goal and you know that being surrounded by other women who take risks on a weekly basis might be able to help you turn that goal into a reality. 

I used to feel overwhelmed by all the things I could do. Since I joined Magic Mondays, Mondays are my favorite day of the week. The sessions help me get focused and super clear on what I want to achieve that week. I love the feeling of success that gives me”.
— Joëtta

"take action one little step at a time To avoid finding yourself exactly where you ARE THIS time NEXT YEAR"


Our sessions WILL help you REconnect with your magic.

We'll use meditations, visualisations, mindset exercises, self-coaching techniques and more to set you up for a succesful and fulfilling week. 

My mission is to help you get super clear on your direction and your desires, to help you stay on track, break down goals into tiny action steps, overcome fears holding you back from doing what you really want to do but never feel “ready” for or “good enough” for, stay motivated and inspired, take action in spite of self doubt, believe in your abilities and stay connected to the super woman you are, and lead from love and not ego.

And because we're in this together I share pieces of my own journey with you too. 🙏🏼

We'll meet every Monday at 12.30pm CET in a secret facebook group. You sign up for 10 weeks at a time and replays are always available.

I can’t wait to begin every week with you 💜 

And never forget; I am rooting for you.

Magic Mondays is for you if you identify as one of the following: 

- A female self-employed teacher, coach, healer, writer, consultant, artist, spiritual mentor, energy worker ready to push herself out of her comfort zone to accomplish an important goal. 

- You are talented and have all the skills you need. Now you need the focus to go after bigger opportunities.

- You are in-between two chapters of your life and you are looking for the momentum to achieve your next goal.

In the next 10 weeks you will

- Get closer to the life and business you want 

- Have a clearer idea of your big picture and what you're working towards.

- Develop a habit of beginning each week with focus and intention.

- Have accomplished several of your goals

- Feel more confident in your own abilities to take the right action and accomplish what you set your mind to.



Once payment has been made, you'll be redirected to a Thank You page with your next steps. For any questions please email kristel@kristelkayser.com

TheSE Magic Monday Sessions WILL help you:

- Learn how to hear the important messages from your intuition  trying to let you know exactly what to do.

- Focus on the exact steps that will help you move closer to big opportunities.

- Activate your own powers - and change your reality as you change your frequency.

I LOVE Magic Mondays. They help me start the week with intention and feeling completely centered. As an ambitious woman working for myself it can be tricky to choose what to focus on sometimes, but with Kristel’s guidance and weekly reminders to do what truly matters, I am able to take steps in the right direction every week.”
— Serena, Owner of MelitaRose