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This session combining coaching and clairvoyance is for you if you’re looking to shatter your ceiling, release your limitations and begin quantum manifesting your dream reality. It’s for you if you’ve temporarily lost the connection with your own intuition and you’re looking for help to make the right decisions to shift fast.

My clients are driven women and they come back for sessions with me - often monthly - when they have hit a roadblock or when their doubts are creeping in and they’re losing sight of the big vision (usually because they are moving into their next level and ego will use any opportunity to bring up any old crippling destructive beliefs).

After our sessions, my clients often feel more clarity and more certainty about their next steps.

Would you like to learn what’s truly possible and available for you when you move out of your own way? To learn what you might be blocking yourself from receiving on an energetic level?

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So Kristel, how does this work?

Each session will be different depending on where you are and what you need. 💖

Normally we’ll begin the session with me tuning in to receive information about what’s available for you. I only receive positive messages and most often related to your potential (when you tap into the full potential that is available for you, wealth follows naturally and I’m all for prosperous lightworkers).

During these sessions, I have sensed the energy of different business ideas and their potential, I have seen people stand on stages in front of crowds, I have seen book signings, I have seen TV crews, I have seen retreats and specific partnerships. I also receive messages about which business strategies to use to get traction the fastest.

These are examples of potential scenarios that have been available for the clients I have read. Yours will be different, and what’s most important is how it resonates with you.

If you’re not touched or inspired by the vision, I’ll keep tuning in to receive more information (this hasn’t happened yet, but in case it does, I’ll continue exploring).

If on the other hand you are deeply moved and resonating with what I’m sharing (full body chills are a normal reaction in sessions with me) we’ll use that as a sign to move deeper into this particular scenario.

Then, I’ll tune in to you energetically to see if there might be anything blocking you from moving closer to this potential reality.

There might be an unconscious fear of success or public failure, which we’ll address so you can move towards your next dream.

Then, we’ll discuss your next steps, and the best mindset + energy methods to get you there faster.

I don’t receive premonitions and I don’t make predictions. All I am available for with my psychic gifts is what is possible for you when you’re not standing in your own way. And I’ve found that these sessions are incredible helpful for my clients.

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The logistics

We'll connect on zoom via audio for app. 60 minutes (I always make sure you feel complete and never schedule back to back calls so that there is always enough time and space to close our sacred container mindfully).

You'll have full access to me for 48 hours after our session in case anything comes up for you that needs to be held space for.

Then 7 days after our session, you'll send me an update with the shifts you've been experiencing since our call and I’ll send you a customised practice for you to follow for 21 days.

Click on the button below to book your session now via Paypal. You’ll be redirected to my online scheduler after payment.

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INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: guidebook with 60+ questions to ask during YOUR session

(or during your own meditations to receive even clearer answers!).

This guidebook includes 60+ examples of powerful questions to ask during our session such as:

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  • What more is available to me?

  • Is anything blocking me energetically from moving into my next levels of abundance?

  • Which opportunities am I not seeing right now?

  • Who am I here to serve next?

  • What can I do to attract my soul tribe?

  • What is clouding my belief of what’s available to me?

  • Is there anything else my spirit guides want me to know?



After 2800+ hours of working with change makers and entrepreneurs, Kristel is able to pinpoint in a matter of minutes where her clients have the potential to go and what exactly is holding them back.

Kristel works with catalysts, artists, multi-passionate entrepreneurs and individuals looking to step into their next level.

They choose Kristel as their advisor to not only have someone to hold space for them as they move into their next level but to have someone to help them make the right decisions when they’re not connecting fully with their higher selves. By mixing practical coaching techniques with her intuitive abilities Kristel is able to help her clients successfully identify their subconscious blocks and step into their full potential.


For any questions, please send an email to