A transformative one-month container for female entrepreneurs ready and willing to experience quantum leaps in terms of wealth and impact.

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Our businesses evolve as we evolve.

And having someone who can guide you through your blind spots and your up-levelling can make a big difference.

This 1:1 program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to BE MORE and to HAVE MORE, and you’re open for success to be easy and effortless.

  • You're done giving your power away to fear and you’re ready to RISE.

  • You’re in that space between what was and what will be, and you’re looking for support to navigate the transition.

You’ve been operating at 50% of your fullest potential and aiming for easy, mediocre goals (that look difficult in the eyes of others). But you’re ready to ask for more, of yourself and of the world.

Where you are now is exactly where you need to be to quantum leap into your dream reality.

The question is: are you ready to leap?

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  • 1 x 90-minute session to set yourself up for success.

  • Unlimited Voxer access (text and audio messaging for daily coaching, business strategy, psychic guidance, channelings, downloads and sincere peptalks).

  • Access to the High Vibe Academy, a 4-week self study with all the resources you need to train your body & mind to hold the change you’re working towards.

You will be fully supported from now on and until you feel grounded in your new reality 30 days from now.

Our work together will help you:

  • Take the right action steps towards your new desired reality.

  • Connect with dreams you truly desire and take the aligned action steps to get there.

  • Expand your awareness of what is possible and available for you right now.

  • Clear, reset and reprogram your mind.

  • Feel proud of the woman you are and excited about what the future holds.

  • Step into your next level of financial prosperity by stepping into your power and raising your prices or upgrading your sales strategies.

This is the right time for you to say yes to this experience if:

  • You’re normally a catalyst, a driven action taker but you also know that you’ve held yourself back and you havn’t been operating at your fullest potential.

  • You’re ready to clear your paralysing limiting beliefs and fears and take a quantum leap into your next dream reality.

  • You’re done waiting to feel more certain about your next steps and ready to take action while doing the deep inner work.

  • When you know what you want, you are an unstoppable force - and you are ready to be in flow again.


They are ready to let go of an outdated and limited version of themselves and do what it requires to jump into their desired reality.

They are ready to step into the role they always knew they came here to play but that they never felt quite ready for. Until now.

I’ve witnessed people transform in front of me for the past 18 years (I’ve worked one-on-one with individuals in different fields since I was 15).

I was born to facilitate rapid transformation. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

I’ve seen people get ready for things they didn’t think they were ready for yet.

I’ve witnessed clients apply for jobs that they weren’t even considering because they didn’t think they were qualified enough - and receiving job offers within hours of our first session.

I’ve helped clients increase their revenue by 300%.

I’ve witnessed clients leave jobs and earn a living in their business within weeks.

I’ve seen clients speak to dozens, then deliver their next speech in front of hundreds.


And I LOVE living my own life in quantum leaps.

When I’ve been comfortable for a bit too long, it’s not my strategy to ease into change.

When I sense myself bumping into a limitation that’s holding me back from who I truly want to be, I prefer shedding the old fast, transmute the negative beliefs and resurface as the next version of me.

It’s on-going work. And it doesn’t happen without resistance and work.

But I welcome it. I welcome the work - the mindset work, the energy work and the strategy work - because I have the confidence that I can shift my reality fast.

I love operating outside of my comfort zone; in that space where my ego has nothing left to lean on and where the only thing I can truly rely on is my truth.

That space if freeing. That space feels limitless.

And from that space, I can be of service to the world in the most powerful way possible.

Do you feel called to take the next step?

I only invite 4 individuals into this highly supportive container every month. I currently have a spot open for one woman ready to begin her transformation in April.

Email me at to set up a connection call or click on the link below to apply and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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With 3.000+ hours of coaching change makers and entrepreneurs & her strong intuitive abilities Kristel is able to pinpoint in a matter of minutes where her clients have the potential to go and what exactly is holding them back. Kristel works with catalysts, artists, multi-passionate entrepreneurs and individuals looking to step into their next level.

They choose Kristel as their intuitive coach to not only have someone to hold space for them as they move into their next level but to have someone who can help them make the right decisions when they’re not connecting fully with their higher self. By mixing practical coaching techniques with her intuitive abilities Kristel is able to help her clients successfully identify their subconscious blocks and step into their full potential.

Kristel started her journey as an online coach and course creator location independant, and has worked from Bali, Hawaii, California, Paris, Spain, Denmark and more. After travelling for 4 years she settled in Copenhagen for a year, but is currently traveling the world again. Kristel is currently living in the South of Europe, surrounded by nature, horses and rivers.

Got questions? Send me a love note at