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This is for the leader ready for more. More impact, more wealth and more visibility.

This is for the catalyst ready to upgrade her life and step into her desired reality.

And this is for the woman ready to go after the goals that give her butterflies.


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You’ve already created some great success in your biz: attracting clients, making money and creating a community you love to support but you haven’t been able to break through the “glass ceiling” and get to that next level of income.

You know for a fact that you’re gifted and you know that you could have so much MORE if you consistently believed in yourself. (Your clients tell you how incredible you are ALL the time, but for some reason you haven’t allowed yourself to fully receive it. You’re starting to realise now that staying humble about your gifts is not that cute and it’s definitely not going to get you to the next level).

You’re in that space between what was and what will be, and you’ve been looking for a sisterhood/mastermind to navigate the transition faster and more smoothly (you’ve been in these kinds of transitions before, but this time, you’re ready to shift faster).

You love what you do but you know that you there is so much more available for you, if you could only get over those limiting patterns you keep repeating.

You’re ready to not do it alone anymore. You’re ready to surround yourself with a support system that will not only see your blind spots but hold you accountable to the goals you set (and help you find the balance between flowing with your intuition and executing on your ideas.)

When you’re honest with yourself, you know you’ve been operating at 50% of your fullest potential and aiming for easy, mediocre goals (that look difficult in the eyes of others). You’re ready to find out who you could be if you operated at 100%.

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No one is sent by accident to anyone.
— A Course in Miracles


In case we haven’t met,

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I am a coach and intuitive business mentor with psychic abilities who loves helping women rise become the powerful light they always knew they could be.

I am so proud of the work that I do and the profession that I’ve chosen.

And I’ve facilitated rapid transformation for 15+ years in different industries.

Women often decide to work with me during transitions.

When they’re ready to let go of to the version of themselves that got them to where they are because they know it won’t take them to the next level.

In our work together, they let go of their old limiting patterns and get much clearer on what they want to achieve next.

And from that place, they are able to create faster and better results.

After 2800+ client contact hours I have learned to master what makes people shift fast.

And I am so excited to welcome the right women into this sacred container.

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Drop the mediocrity

Raise your standards

Raise your prices or upgrade your sales strategies

Release your irrational fears

Shift your limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you

Increase your confidence

Redefine yourself

Reprogram your mind

Become an energetic match for your desires and manifest what you want.

Use mindset + energy to become a magnet to your dream clients.

Then this mastermind and group coaching program might be for you.

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This program will resonate with you if you already deeply believe that you are an active creator of your life - and you are ready to see more consistent growth.

You’re ready to up your manifesting game and cultivate your relationship with God/Universe on a deeper level than ever before to call in your next dreams and you are ready to commit to next-level mindset and energetic practices.

This is the right time for you to say yes to this experience if:

  • You’re normally a catalyst, a driven action taker but you also know that you’ve held yourself back and you haven’t been operating at your fullest potential.

  • You’re ready to clear your paralysing limiting beliefs and fears and begin quantum manifesting your dream reality.

  • You’re done waiting to feel more certain about your next steps and ready to take action while doing the deep inner work.

  • When you know what you want, you are an unstoppable force - and you are ready to be in flow again, in the company of women on a similar path with similar frequencies.

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Bi-weekly 1-2 hour Q&A calls (+ recordings) for 4 months

Every 2 weeks for 4 months we will meet on zoom for group calls.

These calls will include mastermind style 1:1 hot seat coaching + psychic guidance

You will receive personal attention every single call pertaining to your desired goal while we work together.

And as you listen and engage with your peers in the call, we will learn collectively from one another’s circumstances, resistance, epiphanies, challenges, etc.

During these calls you will also learn some of the most powerful energetic practices that I’ve used to 10x my business in the past 6 months. It will sound and feel like magic, but these sacred (and some quiet secret, they’re not talked about much in the online space) practices will give you the power to catapult yourself into a new reality.

Sessions will be about 1-2 hours in length. 

We begin May 1st, 2019!

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A Private Community

Every day we will keep the energy high and the conversations flowing on Slack (a chat platform far away from the lands of social media), where you will be able to share your experiences, wins and upper limit challenges with the group. The second you sign up today, you are instantly supported.



Includes one 60 minute 1:1 deep dive call per month


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When you sign up for Metamorphosis you have the opportunity to join me in Algarve for a 4-day retreat on May 23-26, 2019 (save the date!). For an added 500 USD you’ll be able to look forward to mastermind sessions, morning yoga sessions, cacao ceremonies, private integration time + accommodation in your own private bedroom and all meals (excl. travel costs). More details TBA. You will not be charged for the retreat yet.

For any questions, please email

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