After these online classes, participants repeatedly say that they feel clearer on their next steps and feel excited to begin their week.

A Monday morning magic class IS right for you if:

* You have big dreams but the big picture sometimes leaves you paralysed rather than of excited. 

* Sometimes you get overwhelmed by the many directions you could choose.

* Not having a boss telling you what to do is both a curse and a blessing. You can structure your days and be flexible but at the same time, you have trouble focusing on the right thing that will catapult you forward and create momentum.


Move forward with lightness and ease this week. 

A Monday Morning Magic session is meant to help you tune into your purpose and get clear on your NEXT success. We don’t always need to see the entire plan to experience small but significant wins.

Perhaps you're ready to host your first event, aim for a bigger client, launch your website, finally reveal your creative talents to the world or finish writing a book. Or perhaps you're simply in-between projects and you're looking to get clarity around your next steps.

I used to feel overwhelmed by all the things I could do. Once I began joining this class, Mondays became my favourite day of the week. The sessions always help me get focused and super clear on what I want to achieve that week. I love the feeling of success that gives me”.
— Joëtta, Singer-songwriter



We use meditations, visualisations, effective goal setting techniques + more to set you up for a successful and fulfilling week. 

The sessions are designed to help you:

** Get closer to the life and business you want 

** Have a clearer idea of your big picture and what you're working towards.

** Develop a habit of beginning each week with focus and intention.

** Accomplish your goals faster and create momentum

** Feel more confident in your own abilities to take the right action and accomplish what you set your mind to.

I LOVE Monday Morning Magic. The sessions help me start the week with intention and feeling completely centered. As an ambitious woman working for myself it can be tricky to choose what to focus on sometimes, but with Kristel’s guidance and weekly reminders to do what truly matters, I am able to take steps in the right direction every week.”
— Serena, Owner of MelitaRose

Feel free to join us on Monday! Especially if you resonate with one of the following: 

1) You're a self-employed writer, artist, therapist, teacher, consultant or coach ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone to accomplish your next important goal. 

2) You're talented and have all the skills you need. Now is the time to focus in order to attract bigger opportunities.

3) Or you're in-between two chapters of your life and you are looking for clarity and momentum to achieve your next goal.


Your next steps

1) Save your spot

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2) Join the private Facebook group

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