Every coach is different and every approach is different. This page represents my personal philosophy and my unique proven approach to creating powerful results for my clients. 


We don't look for problems.

We don't look for problems to fix. I'm not a therapist. The people I work with decide to hire a personal coach because they want to build on what is already going well - and they want to do it fast. We never look for what's "wrong" with you. Coaching with me is based on creating new insights about yourself which in turn will increase the quality of your life, your relationships, your health as well as your professional and personal decisions.

We challenge your eternal truths.

No matter how much success you have, you are human and you have eternal truths about the world that are either empowering or limiting you. When a situation is not limited by what you believe anymore, the world becomes a playground. Through coaching we make sure that you dream as big as possible and that you are not limited by past experiences or by your limited judgment of your own potential. 

I give you the space to express what you can’t say to anyone else in total confidentiality.

Most people in our worlds have a personal agenda - if not consciously, then subconsciously. As your personal sounding board, I have no agenda, no opinion about your life and no judgment. I am neutral, and that gives me the opportunity to question what you believe and challenge you when there is room for a broader perspective. 

We identify the right things to focus on based on your big mission.

Many of my clients are extremely talented problem solvers, they are innovative, creative and come up with new ideas every week to solve the problems of the world. As a result they sometimes find themselves scatterbrained and struggle to focus on longer-term goals. By working together, we identify the areas you want to commit to and look at strategies to help you follow through on what matters the most. Similar to the Kaizen philosophy, my approach to change is that it doesn't take more than tiny daily improvements - which add up over time - to create substantial positive transformation in our lives.

You will hear the truth.

Generally, we miss out on the truth. The people who know us best and who experience us in a professional setting every day will generally not tell us what they really believe. People are usually afraid to state their honest opinions because of their fear of being rejected, isolated, not liked or hurting other people. In your case, they might be afraid of losing their job, your respect or even your love. As a coachee, you give yourself the chance to reconnect with what is true. With my help we shed light on the aspects of you that are not serving you  (limiting beliefs, bad habits, repetitive self-sabotaging patterns, disempowering reactive behaviour etc) in a safe and non-judgmental environment and apply powerful methods and tools for permanent change.