"get it done" accountability DAY

Have you been putting off working on your first workshop, webinar, concert or book for-ever? Are you ready to break down your blocks AND take action? Then this is the perfect way for you and me to work together.

First, we'll have a deep coaching session where we'll look at where you are stopping yourself and why.

At the end, you'll feel ready and motivated to set goals for the project you've been putting off.

Then we'll schedule a full day where you call me once per hour for a full work day and let me know how far you've come on your goals.

I'll be there to support you, to cheer you on, to offer you guidance and to coach you through any resistance or self sabotaging patterns.

“Kristel has a true gift of getting to the core of issues instantly. After a coaching session, I always have minimum one major breakthrough that stays imprinted in my mind for months”.

What's included?

- 1 x planning coaching session the day before our accountability day.

- 6 x on-the-hour/every hour accountability check-ins for 6 hours.

- 14 days of unlimited voxer and email access after our accountability day.

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“Kristel’s energy is infectious. I feel like anything is truly possible when I get off my calls with Kristel and that feeling helps me take steps forward that I didn’t think I was ready for yet”.

For the past 17 years I have worked with private clients via WORD OF MOUTH AND PERSONAL INVITATION.

I intuitively began tutoring students who wanted to excel at the age of 15 (my first student was older than me!). 

At the age of 28, I finally realized that coaching was a gift I had subconsciously used forever in my tutoring practice and I began educating myself on the topics I felt truly passionate about (my Master's degree had felt like a "to do" and I was relieved to find subjects that fascinated me immensely in the worlds of psychology, neurobiology and other therapeutic modalities.)

Shortly after, I transitioned into full time coaching and mentoring and for the past 4 years I have been expanding my repertoire and done thousands of hours of coaching. 

I tailor make every coaching experience for the person in front of me and the above programs are examples of how you and I can work together.

I will not send you a curriculum, nor will we follow a system. Coaching with me is about deep insights and personal transformation.

If you're ready to explore what it would look like to work with me, I’d like to invite you to have a powerful conversation with me.

I can't wait to serve you.

Working with Kristel has been completely transformative. If you had told me where I would be now when we first started working together, I wouldn’t have believed you.